Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fine Art America - Sales Experiment...

This links to my Fine Art America site... more prints and originals than you can shake a stick at... I plan to eventually have that site populated with all of my art.
A new Blog at will always keep this growing market on the first page and thus always accessible.
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The prices are the same everywhere regardless which gallery or site you go to. Only the cost of framing and shipping might change.
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Phil the Forecaster

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rockport Roofs

I was painting with Bob Heddens art group in Rockport. Bob formed the Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region (PAPTIR) group in April 2009 to promote Plein Air Painting in the region. From May through October Bob organizes an event every second Wednesday and generally have four to seven artists. Events were sponsored by the Thousand Island Bridge Authourity-Boldt Castle (Alexandria Bay NY) in 2009 and 2011. On this particular Wednesday a band of heavy rain was approaching along a cold front so I figured that we would get soaked by 11 am.
I painted on the wharf with Bob and Cheryl. I selected a rather complex view of roofs and wharfs/ The gray sky gradually darkened over the following two hours. The Canadian flag stood out against the darkening skies - as did the brilliant fall colours. Bands of light showers swung across Rockport with a few spits of liquid but the heavier rain arrived by 11:15 am. I bailed in order to buy groceries in Brockville.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Killarney Chair

It may look like a single Muskoka chair on the granite but this was Killarney. It had to be a Killarney chair. The empty chair is either a happy invitation to come and sit awhile on the edge of Killarney Channel “ to slow down and enjoy the fall colours. For those who view the glass as half empty, it can be a lonely chair vacated by those who left with the summer. Either way, I had fun capturing the moment in oil with a rather large brush.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Forest - 2014

I had just watched the noon news regarding the senseless and cowardly terrorist shootings on Parliament Hill. I decided to paint.
October 22nd was also the day marking the 50th anniversary of the Flag Committee's selection of the single maple leaf as the Canadian flag. The selection still had to be ratified by Parliament and that was no easy task either. My friend John Ross Matheson engineered the entire process much like playing a game of survivor.
I had to stand out of the chilly northeast breeze in order to stay comfortable. This painting location was just a few steps outside the Singleton Studio. Most of the trees had lost their leaves. The red oak were still hanging on. The red cedars in the intervening field were also interesting. The deer browse them up off the ground until it becomes uncomfortable to reach for the cedar twigs. The cedars may not taste very good but it keeps them alive.
I blocked the painting in like puzzle pieces. I then lade the colour in very thick and heavy. It was fun on the small and slippery surface.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning Colours in Killarney - Willisville

There was frost on the roof and even some snowflakes in the air. When the sun came out it was pleasant but still chilly. This was the view looking southward along Highway 6. Apparently the Red Dog Restaurant is only a couple of kilometres down the road - just over the hill. The soft maples were starting to turn red. There was even some yellow in the aspen and ash trees.
I have these painting pants that I use for plein air work. They were a bargain and I could not pass up any great deal. The best thing about them is that they have a multitude of zippered pockets for keeping valuables such as keys, small camera, GPS and flash drives. The worst thing about them is that they have a multitude of pockets. I know the keys and computer memory sticks are in there somewhere - " I just can't find them. The solution is to always place certain items in the same pockets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buzzard Lake Sunset Shore

The line of showers and thunderstorms had passed Buzzard Lake allowing the sunset to illuminate the eastern shore opposite camp site 423. The lighting is magic for just a short time period and I wanted to illustrate capturing those colours in plein air. The camera cannot do justice to the brilliance and intensity of these very transient colours.
Oils on burnt sienna oil tinted foundation panel -a small (5x7), slippery surface!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Thursday October 22nd, 1964 - A Day in Brockville and Canadian History (This coming Wednesday is Oct 22nd, 2014)

The Chosen One
 On Thursday October 22nd, 1964 a red maple leaf made a permanent mark on Canada. On this day, 50 years ago, the Flag Selection Committee voted on and chose the now famous Maple Leaf design as our new flag. The vote was unanimous in favour of the Maple Leaf design and it was sent on to Parliament.

The Flag Selection Committee was appointed by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson in mid-September 1964 to find a new Canadian flag. The flag used at the time, the Red Ensign, was only unofficially Canada’s, having never been publicly approved by the royal family or government.

To manage this multi-party committee from within, Pearson appointed Leeds MP, John Ross Matheson, a proud Brockville resident. Matheson had been advising the Prime Minister with regards to a new flag since 1963 and had already put forth a design as early as May of 1964. It was Matheson who had the single maple leaf design put forth to the committee out of the thousands of designs they looked at - and it was Matheson who convinced the committee to vote for the maple leaf design.

So raise a toast and salute the flag, because today is the 50th anniversary of its first baby step to becoming what we proudly fly today!

For more information on Brockville – Birthplace of the Canadian Flag and the 50th anniversary of Canada’s flag, visit the website at 
It was a privilege to work with John Ross Matheson on the "50 Years of Our Flag" Projects. John, Bob Harper and myself designed the following.

Forest Waterfall

The sound of the waterfall was unmistakable in the forest. I landed the canoe and started looking for it. It was exactly what I had hoped that I would find. The heavy summer rains were still draining from the Killarney highlands. This waterfall was just 30 feet from making it to Charlton Lake. The midday sun occasionally broke through the trees to illuminate the tumbling water. It wasn't a mighty fall of water but for me, it was just what I needed.
The photo was taken as the painting neared completion with the inspirational waterfall in the background. There were just a few mosquitoes but not enough to rush my plein air work along.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Twisted Island

I simply turned around after painting 1476 “Killarney Foggy Sunrise” and there was another painting. The pines and twisted white cedar was all that was needed to create a composition.